Upcoming diagnostic weekend: 03.02 – 04.02.2018

A Level
Marcin Szala
Physics & Philosophy, University of Oxford

Unique system

While preparing the academic curriculum, we asked ourselves how best to prepare our students for the challenges issued by the finest foreign universities during their three years here.

We focused on cooperation between our experienced teachers (A Level, IB, Polish Matura) and lecturers/academics from the best universities in the world. Our academic staff members have developed our own original curriculum for the first year of Akademeia High School, while the two subsequent school years focus on the British A Level programme. The choice of the A Level system was not accidental. 

A Level gives students full freedom regarding exam choice

Students choose 3 or 4 subjects from within a wide spectrum of departments.

The A Level programme is characterized by a high level of specialization in the chosen field, allowing students at the high school level to get a head start in the direction of their studies.

In preparing for the exams, our students obtain a top-level education in their chosen subjects, while they may simultaneously pursue their passions and interests beyond the normal school curriculum.

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