Upcoming diagnostic weekend: 03.02 – 04.02.2018


Multidimensional education

In addition to our wide academic offerings, we provide students with a great deal of extracurricular opportunities:

  • Meetings with experts from various scientific fields, cultural figures, artists, witnesses of historical events and inspiring entrepreneurs;
  • Workshops;
  • Study tours;
  • Internships;
  • Volunteering placements;


Friday Enrichment Program

The Friday Enrichment Program is comprised of weekly events that complement the academic curriculum.

Students participate in targeted workshops and lectures, welcome special guest speakers and attend theatre performances and exhibitions. These are done to give them a wider perspective regarding the topics discussed in lessons.

Here are some examples of past Friday enrichment events:

  • A meeting with Halina Birenbaum, Holocaust survivor, writer and translator – an extraordinary chance to view history through the eyes of someone who participated in it, giving students access to a unique and unfamiliar perspective on historical events.
  • Workshops focusing on the United States presidential election campaign and the election itself – a deeper look into the practices and politics of one of the year’s most important events.
  • Theatre and cinema – performances attended alongside study of the original works yielding material for class discussions and different interpretations of the same work.

We want to awaken our students’ curiosities

We want to expose them to as wide a spectrum of subjects as possible so that they can discover new areas of interest.

“Enrichment” is clearly an important and permanent part of our overall study plan.

“21st century skills”

We place great emphasis on critical thinking and we believe it is important to develop our students’ varied competences, such as:

  • Communication and presentation
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Teamwork and project management
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Ability to collect, filter and absorb information


Harkness Method

We apply our unique method of teaching extended by the curriculum to support the development of our students’ social skills.

Our students are taught using the Harkness method, which was developed at and is implemented at the best American schools. Small groups of students are sat with the teacher by an oval table and by this they are encouraged to speak their mind and interact with classmates and with the teacher. It’s all about engaging individual students to be a part of the discussion so that they can actively participate in the class and integrate with the group.

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