Upcoming diagnostic weekend: 03.02 – 04.02.2018

The 1st school year
Head of Social Sciences Department
Katarzyna Borzym
BA Finance and Accounting & MA Economics, Warsaw School of Economics / MA Psychology & MA Philosophy, University of Warsaw / PhD candidate in Economy, Warsaw School of Economics

The diagnostics process continues throughout the entire first year of studies.

Our mentors, all experienced teachers and educators, carefully observe the progress of their pupils, identify potential problems and suggest optimal solutions and paths to development. 

Under the watchful eye of their mentor, each student follows a specific program and gradually prepares to start making decisions related to the choice of their educational path.

Obligatory subjects

The core curriculum is composed of the following subjects:

  • Polish language – lessons are conducted within the framework of our uniquely-designed curriculum in blocks pertaining to themes around Polish cultural heritage, and are supplemented by activities in the field of visual arts;
  • Mathematics – available at three different levels;
  • English language – the level of instruction is determined by the individual skills and needs of the student;
  • Critical Thinking – exercises the mind to become more critical, creative and analytical;
  • Project work in Entrepreneurship;
  • Visual Culture – it is about making connections between art, literature, world history, history of art and religion – in order to understand the images around us;

Each student chooses from one of the these concentrations:

  1. Natural Sciences (physics, chemistry, biology)
  2. Social Studies (economics, history, politics with elements of psychology, sociology and anthropology)
  3. Humanities (English and world literature, history, religious studies, history of art)

Apart from that, students choose one extra subject not included in the core curriculum nor in the chosen concentration.

Extracurricular subjects

Students may opt to take additional electives, testing out other areas of instruction and not limiting themselves to their concentration.

Our original curriculum for the 1st year 

Knowledge & skills

The first year of school equips students with essential knowledge and gives them the necessary skills (English proficiency, study habits and the ability to think critically) that will allow them to successfully pursue their main areas of study in subsequent years.

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