Upcoming diagnostic weekend: 03.02 – 04.02.2018


We support young capable scholars

We invite all self-motivated, hardworking young scholars with ambition as well as students, achieving outstanding learning results to apply.

  • Our scholarship programme includes:
    • the provision of total or partial funds to study at our school
    • support with the application process towards studying abroad
    • support with tuition and maintenance while studying abroad (depending on academic performance during the high school years)

Step-by-step instructions


Scholarships are open to students currently attending the 3rd year of middle school or the 1st year of high school. Tell us about your outstanding learning results, your accomplishments in competitions organized by boards of education and science Olympiads, or any other successes from within both academic and non-academic fields (visual art, music, dance, sport, etc.). We are always happy to answer questions about our school, the diagnostics process and our academic program.



Just send an e-mail:

Dr Marta Dżoga
Admissions Tutor

Maria Głowacka
Admissions Tutor

or call us: +48 22 299 87 80


After an initial verification, you will receive a form to fill out. All you need to do is to answer the questions and send the completed form back via e-mail along with the required documents proving your achievements.


On the basis of the documents provided, our Scholarship Committee will determine eligibility and inform you of their decision. If your application is approved, you’ll be invited to participate in a diagnostics weekend, an essential part of the recruitment process for our school. In addition, you will be asked to write a short essay and take a math test.

At this stage, you would also have an individual interview with a representative of the Scholarship Committee.


The Scholarship Committee meets on a regular basis. You can contact us any time.


Now it’s time to decide! If you successfully pass each stage of the scholarship recruitment process, you will be invited, along with your parents or guardians, to meet with us to go over the final details. We will then welcome you among our student body!

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