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Canada / USA Mathcamp w Denver


Canada / USA Mathcamp w Denver

Relacji z wakacji ciąg dalszy! Cieszymy się, że nasi uczniowie dzielą się z nami swoimi wrażeniami z kursów, warsztatów, seminariów na których mogą realizować swoje pasje.

Gosia Róg, uczennica 4 roku i prawdziwa entuzjastka matematyki, przesłała nam krótkę notkę ze swojego pobytu w Canada/USA Mathcamp w Denver, w Stanach Zjednoczonych:

Mathcamp, a mathematical camp in the US that I attended this year, was a very interesting experience. Those five weeks were full of classes on various, often difficult topics, meetings with amazing people and new experiences of different kinds.

The math that we did varied from easier topics that resolved around surprising tricks to ones that required a lot of patience and hard work to understand them. The teachers were very interesting people and helped us a lot, also outside the classroom.

We had a lot of freedom in choosing which classes we want to attend (or whenever we want to, or we prefer to take a break). During this time I also did a project in a small group – under supervision we read a paper about cryptography and each of us chose how we wish to implement it. I wrote a program, so it was a multidisciplinary work – it helped me to develop both mathematical and programming skills.

Besides learning, we did a lot of things like hiking or rock climbing. It is important to give your mind a time to rest and process what it had learned. I was having really active and challenging holidays and I am happy I was a part of this project! I do hope to come back next year!

Aktualnie, Gosia jest w Kanadzie na kursie “Quantum Cryptography for Young Students” w Institute for Quantum Computing (University of Waterloo).

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