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“My Journey to the East”


“My Journey to the East”

We wtorek 4 grudnia Michał Cyrański, uczeń Year 13 w naszym liceum, zaprezentował nam swój wykład “My Journey to the East”.

Mamy nadzieję, że to wydarzenie było pierwszym z serii i możemy liczyć na więcej wykładów w wykonaniu naszych uczniów.

Kilka słów od prowadzącego:

“There are many paths one can undertake in the search for purpose. Mine lead me to Nepal, where I studied with monks representing diverse Buddhist denominations.

Buddhism, the spiritual tradition of approximately ten percent of the world’s believers, presents itself in a philosophical manner but still manages to convey deep spirituality. It does not speak of what is divine and of what should be followed unquestioningly, but rather offers insights into why and how one should act in order to live a good, meaningful life.

In this lecture I hoped not only to share with you my knowledge of Buddhism, but also to share my personal experience of living amongst its roots.

The goals for this unique public forum included:

  • Sharing pictures, stories, and (sometimes hilarious) anecdotes from the Himalayan valleys and jungle lowlands of Nepal;
  • Discussing my quest into the fundamentals of Buddhism;
  • Inspiring similar journeys, both physical and spiritual.”

Michał Cyrański’s academic interests revolve around philosophy and theology. Over the past several years, his areas of interest have expanded to include Eastern philosophies and religions, especially Buddhism and Daoism. Michał loves to connect great thoughts found in Western classics with those from Asian traditions. He plans to continue directing his attention to these disciplines by studying philosophy at the university level.

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