Immerse Cambridge Summer School oraz praktyki w Medusa Group – wspomnienia z wakacji Basi Nohr


Immerse Cambridge Summer School oraz praktyki w Medusa Group – wspomnienia z wakacji Basi Nohr

W lipcu Basia Nohr, nasza uczennica Year 13, wzięła udział w kursie architektonicznym zorganizowanym w ramach Architecture Summer School na Uniwersytecie Cambridge. W sierpniu z kolei ukończyła praktyki w warszawskim oddziale studia architektonicznego Medusa Group.

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Immerse Cambridge Summer School – Lipiec 2019

Participation in the Architecture Summer School at the University of Cambridge was more than a delight for me. During this two-week course I’ve had a full experience of studying Architecture and living in Cambridge

 On the morning and afternoon academic sessions I was exposed to undergraduate programme of architecture studies at Cambridge. I have developed my theoretical and historical knowledge and understanding, complemented by town excursions, discussions and exchanges of the views with professionals. That enabled me to inform well my practical part of the work – a design concept for a new gateway system for St Catherine’s College.

 Throughout the duration of the course I was able to get to know the university and its social living model. I made friends with current students of Architecture at Cambridge and so with fellow participants of the course from all around the world, who I hope to stay in touch with in the future.”

Basia's Cambridge Sketchbook

Praktyki w studiu architektonicznym Medusa Group – Sierpień 2019

„I find my internship at Medusagroup very enriching and beneficial for my understanding of the profession of an architect.

Throughout the first week I was working in a team responsible for the visual communication system for a new office building complex in Poznań – a project that the studio is currently working on. I was working specifically on the solutions for entrance/exit zones in the underground car parks. I’m happy to say, that one of the concepts proposed by me will be introduced in the final building.

During the second week of the internship I was redelegated to a team working on two projects in the same time – interior design for open co-working spaces in Warsaw and Geneva. I was participating in the initial phase of the project in Geneva – working on the concepts to propose to the investor. On the other hand, considering the project in Warsaw, I contributed to the final stage of the process, by working specifically with the final outcome.

On the third week I helped the team working on a project of another building complex in Warsaw. I designed and rendered city plans showing the project and its localisation in the city in an urban context.

On the internship I learned and developed many skills, some of them being new to me. I was exposed to the design process for the real companies, team work, contact with the clients, new softwares and many more. I’m sure of those experiences to be beneficial for me in the future.”

Basia's sketches from the Medusa Group internship

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