Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z bogatą ofertą letnich kursów w Akademeia High School, otwartych dla wszystkich zainteresowanych. Zapisy trwają. 


Wyniki egzaminów A-levels 2018


Wyniki egzaminów A-levels 2018

Egzaminy A-levels z niektórych przedmiotów można zdawać w formie modułów. Dzięki temu, część uczniów podeszła do pierwszych egzaminów maturalnych już w tym roku.

Uczniowie zdawali egzaminy z przedmiotów takich jak: Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics oraz History. Łącznie podeszli do 117 egzaminów.

Jest nam niezmiernie miło ogłosić, że ponad 79% (92) arkuszy egzaminacyjnych otrzymało noty A* lub A. Średnik wynik to 87%. Co więcej, 20% wszystkich arkuszy zostało ocenionych na 100%.

A* to najwyższy możliwy wynik do otrzymania na egzaminach maturalnych A-levels.

Wszystkich uczniom serdecznie gratulujemy!

Wyniki egzaminów A-levels

(fragment listu Dyrektora do Rodziców i Uczniów)

“To put that into context, the overall score of 79% A*/A is immediately comparable with the results of Eton College, probably the most famous school in the world, with a score of 79.5% A*/A last year. The Independent Schools Council each year releases the statistics for all of its member schools in the UK and these are compiled into League Tables published in The Daily Telegraph and The Times.

With 79% Akademeia High School would have been placed 15th out of the top 300 schools in the UK.

Akademeia High School was founded with the aim of providing a high quality academic education modelled upon that of the best private schools in the UK, recognised globally as market leaders. The first set of results would underline that the school is fulfilling that objective, with results on a par with the best schools in the UK.

This will allow our pupils the opportunity to compete on level terms for places at the best universities in the UK and the USA. For parents and pupils it means access to an educational experience here in Warsaw that is the equivalent of that available in the best schools in the world.

Akademeia High School has had a very successful first set of examination results but we know that the best educational provision also offers pupils the opportunity for growth and development as people. This may be in terms of other skills, such as in sport, music, art, drama and public speaking but it also means development in terms of character and personality.

Akademeia High School, a pre-university university, in other words a university for 14-18 year olds, provides many opportunities for individual development and preparation for life. This is an important aspect of the life of the school and one where parents are more than welcome to join in, attending concerts, plays, lectures and so on, as well as being actively involved in the school’s pastoral management of its pupils.”

Mark Moore
3rd September 2018


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