Upcoming recruitment weekend: 10.03 – 11.03.2018

Our history
Andrzej Dethloff
Law, University of Oxford
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First student


A group of students who study at Swiss and British boarding schools join us


  • First applications of our students to universities
  • Akademeia is joined by students from Warsaw schools – we introduce the first 1:1 system classes (individual classes with a teacher)


  • First two successful applications in the process of applying to study at the best universities in the world
  • First successful applications to prestigious British boarding high schools


Our first full-time students begin preparation for British A-level baccalaureate exams in our offices operating in Oxford and London


In Warsaw our first students start full-time 1:1 A-level classes


We become an accredited examination centre for A-levels: AQA and Edexcel


47% of our students receive offers from Oxford or Cambridge. 99% of them receive offers from other top British universities


Our successful streak continues: Akademeia High School begins operations

We are proud of our students’ achievements

In the past 10 years many of our alumni have had enormous academic success.

Not only have they gotten into their dream universities to read their preferred courses, but many of them have received diplomas with distinction. Our students don’t only settle for high academic performance, they also expand their passions and interests during their years at university.

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