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Co-curricular Activities

Creative Programme

Akademeia High School places great stress on the creative arts: our students benefit from the presence and expertise of a range of designers and artists.

Students attend weekly museum trips to exhibitions in and around Warsaw, with annual trips to larger centres of culture such as London or Florence. In addition, students participate in practical creative workshops with visiting artists from some of Europe’s top institutions, such as the Bartlett School of Architecture.

Sports Programme

Sport is a vital ingredient of the educational process at Akademeia High School.

We believe sport contributes to shaping the character as well as the body – and is especially important to developing teamwork and endurance. Every student is required to participate in one team sport, in addition to having the opportunity to practice individual sports.

Critical Thinking Programme

Our unique critical thinking programme develops students’ analytical abilities and teaches them to apply these skills both in written form as well as in debate.

Students gain knowledge, learning how to analyse and use data to write logical and well-crafted essays. These skills transfer to the students’ broader learning at Akademeia, and stand them in excellent stead at university.

American Programme

Although Akademeia follows the British school system of iGCSEs and A Levels, those students hoping to study in the United States prepare for SAT and ACT exams under the guidance of American examinations experts and members of staff who have themselves studied in America.

Entrepreneurship Programme

Entrepreneurship is fundamentally a mindset.

Through our bespoke Entrepreneurship Programme our students can practise various skills and learn how to define and analyse problems and find solutions. Mirroring tools used in business schools, participants work on projects using case studies methodology.

Enrichment Programme and Voluntary Service

At Akademeia High School, we strive to cultivate a keen social awareness in all our students. To this end, our Enrichment Programme offers a diverse range of activities in which students can participate.

These include lectures delivered by renowned academics, outdoor art workshops, long term participation in start-up projects run by established business leaders, excursions to sites of cultural significance, internships, and voluntary service.

These activities help our students develop a lasting interest in the world around them, and present them with practical life situations to which they can apply their growing knowledge. They also learn and practice teamwork, communication skills, and other soft skill prerequisites for success in the 21st century.

Students have the opportunity to devise their own charity projects, thereby enhancing their social awareness and empathy. Akademeia High School Foundation supports such student-run initiatives, be it anything from Christmas package drives for disadvantaged families, to field trips with children from economically disadvantaged areas of Warsaw.

Creative Programme Sports Programme Critical Thinking Programme American Programme Entrepreneurship Programme Enrichment Programme and Voluntary Service
Voluntary work teaches our students how to be proactive and responsible

both for themselves and others. Our students will be prepared to become leaders capable of seeing the world from different perspectives and working through the layers of complex problems. We teach our students to be responsible for themselves and the people they might employ in the future, as well as for their families. We want our students to be informed and responsible citizens of the world.

Maryna Czaplińska
Akademeia High School Foundation

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