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Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular Activities

Akademeia students can pursue one or more co-curricular courses. These range from Global Development and Law through Debate, Coding, and Scientific Research Methods, to Music, Drama, and Creative Writing.

The list is constantly growing, reflecting the diverse interests of our students and the expertise of our faculty. Courses are often run at different levels, allowing students to try new things or further practise existing skills.

At Akademeia, we also strive to cultivate a keen social awareness in all our students. To this end, we offer a diverse range of activities in which students can participate. These include lectures delivered by renowned academics and our teachers (i.a. Akademeia Seminars and Open Faculty Lectures), outdoor art
workshops, long term participation in start-up projects run by established business leaders, excursions to sites of cultural significance, internships, and voluntary service.

These activities help our students develop a lasting interest in the world around them and present them with practical life situations to which they can apply their growing knowledge. They also learn and practise teamwork, communication skills, and other soft skill prerequisites for success in the 21st century.

Sports Programme

Sport is a vital ingredient of the educational process at Akademeia High School.

We believe sport contributes to shaping the character as well as the body – and is especially important to developing teamwork and endurance. Every student is required to participate in one team sport, in addition to having the opportunity to practice individual sports.

Co-curricular Activities Sports Programme
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