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Get to know your potential!

Diagnosing student potential

Each of us has a specific set of characteristics, interests and skills that, when taken together, represent our personal potential.

Studying the subjects that match our skills, passions and predispositions is the best way to fulfil that potential. We believe that every student has a ‘strong side’, and that school should be a place where these talents can be discovered, developed and utilized. We know how to direct students down the educational path that is most appropriate for them.

Diagnostic testing, as a part of the recruitment process, is designed for students aged 14-16. 

"Shortly put, diagnostics is a real eye opener.

As parents, we think we know our child very well but as it turns out there are many things of which even we are not aware. It’s very important to get to know both the strong side of your child as well as his weaknesses, where some work needs to be done.”

– Student’s parents

Diagnostic testing includes:


University lectures in English supplemented with tests to check the students’ abilities to learn and understand abstract content, analytical thinking, ability to draw conclusions, and ability to compare data.


English Language competence testing. 


Individual diagnostic meetings with subject teachers: we check not only a student’s knowledge but also, more importantly, their predisposition.


Two group tasks, in which we check soft skills and social abilities.


Mathematics test.

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At the conclusion of the diagnostic process, the student and parents receive a full report that will be discussed at an individual meeting. The report will give recommendations regarding the optimal learning styles for the individual student, compatible with their needs and predispositions. It will also provide guidance for further development.

The diagnostic process lasts for two days and is conducted over the course of a single weekend.

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We are happy to answer questions about our school, the diagnostics process and our academic programme.

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Maria Głowacka
Admissions Tutor

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