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Years 10 & 11 (iGCSE)

The diagnostic process continues throughout the entire first (Year 10) and second (Year 11) years of study.

Our mentors, all experienced teachers and educators, carefully observe the progress of their pupils, identify potential problems and suggest optimal solutions and paths to development. Under the watchful eye of their mentor, each student follows a specific programme and gradually prepares to start making decisions related to the choice of their educational path.

The first two school years (10 & 11 Years) focus on the iGCSE programme.

Students take a breadth of subjects in order to sample a variety of disciplines. This approach allows them to explore subjects and directions they may not have previously considered.

 The obligatory iGCSE CORE curriculum consists of the following subjects, taken both years of the programme:
Mathematics available at four different levels (Express / Advanced / Standard / Studies)
English English Language and Literature or English as a Second Langauge (ESL)
Polish Literature & Culture lessons are conducted within the framework of our uniquely-designed curriculum in Polish cultural heritage and are supplemented by activities in the field of visual arts
Global Perspectives developing pupils’ international awareness by exploring the demographic, social, and political forces at play in the world today
Critical Thinking exercises the mind to become more critical, creative and analytical
Visual and Music Culture on making connections between art, music, literature, world history, history of art and religion

In addition to the above CORE curriculum, each student takes four Foundation Subjects in their first year (Year 10).

Foundation Subjects


Then they begin to narrow their academic range in their second year (Year 11) by selecting one of three Main Academic Focuses.

Main Academic Focus Subjects covered
Natural Sciences Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Social Sciences Economics, History, Politics, Sociology and Anthropology
Humanities English and World literature, History, Religious Studies, History of Art


Languages and Arts

Students are advised to engage in subjects in the fields of modern languages, visual arts, and/or music in addition to their obligatory core courses and Foundation/Main Academic Focus Subjects.


Finally, students may participate in many diverse and interdisciplinary co-curricular activities such as elective study of additional subjects, sports, volunteering, lecture series, and more. Enrichment activities as the important and permanent part of our overall study plan are obligatory for all students.

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