• Years 10 & 11 (iGCSE)
  • The assessment process continues throughout the entire first (Year 10) and second (Year 11) years of study.

    Our mentors, all experienced teachers and educators, carefully observe the progress of their students, identify potential problems and suggest optimal solutions and paths to development. Under the watchful eye of their mentor, each student follows a specific programme and gradually prepares to start making decisions related to the choice of his or her educational path.

The first two school years (10 & 11 Years) focus on the iGCSE programme.

Students take a breadth of subjects in order to sample a variety of disciplines. This approach allows them to explore subjects and directions they may not have previously considered.

We have carefully crafted our programmes for Years 10 and 11, combining Akademeia Assessed Courses with subjects that fulfil iGCSE specifications. All students follow compulsory subjects that incorporate iGCSE standards but go beyond them to prepare them for A Level.


Core Subjects from 2022/2023:

 Year 10
English Literature & Language
Visual and Musical Culture
Modern Language
Computer science


Year 11
English Literature & Language
Polish Literature & History
Modern Language


Students begin to narrow their academic range in their second year (Year 11) by selecting one of six Academic Pathways:

Academic Pathway Subjects covered
Biochemistry Biology, Chemistry
Engineering Physics, Chemistry
Social Sciences History, Geography
Humanities History, Religious Studies & Philosophy
Architecture Physics, Art
Creative Arts History, Art

Additionally, each student chooses 1 mandatory subject from the list: Psychology, Computer Science, Sociology & Politics, History of Art, Geography, Physics.


Personal Development Scheme

For Fifth Form students the Personal Development Scheme includes activities such as:

  • workshops on various topics (i.e. wellbeing and developing resilience, public
    speaking and academic skills)
  • lectures on project management with experts
  • graded group projects chosen by students


Co-curricular activities

Finally, students may participate in many diverse and interdisciplinary co-curricular activities such as elective study of additional subjects, sports, volunteering, lecture series, and more. Enrichment activities as the important and permanent part of our overall study plan are obligatory for all students.





Grade level comparison: Poland vs other countries

A comparison of the Polish, British, American, Canadian, and IB grade level systems.

Akademeia High School/UK Poland US & Canada IB
Year 9 (Foundation Year) 8th grade of Primary School Grade 8 Middle years programme
Year 10 (iGCSE) 1st grade of High School Grade 9 Middle years programme
Year 11 (iGCSE) 2nd grade of High School Grade 10 Middle years programme


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