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The recruitment process
Admissions Tutors
Marta Dżoga & Maria Głowacka
Admissions Tutors
Marta Dżoga & Maria Głowacka

Getting to know each other

The recruitment process is treated primarily as an opportunity for us to learn as much as possible about candidates to our school.

In accordance with the innovative design we have created for our school, we have also created a unique recruiting process unlike any other in Poland.

The stages of recruitment

During the various stages of recruitment we aim to learn as much as possible about the skills and aptitudes of the student.


Each student meets individually with an admissions officer to learn more about how the school functions, the requirements of the academic program, the school’s teaching philosophy and the later stages of the recruiting process. The decision on whether to take part in those later stages is made after this meeting with the admissions officer.


Our diagnostic weekends include two lessons from different academic subjects. During the lessons, the students will be exposed to material they are unlikely to have seen before in school. Following this, students take part in activities and workshops we have designed specifically to see how well students analyze, process and retain newly-acquired knowledge. A group project then allows us to see how the student copes in a team environment, while an English test helps us to see how well the student is prepared for full-time study in the language. Finally, a meeting with an educational psychologist completes the student’s profile, and allows us to see their preferred learning styles. Overall, this part of the recruiting process helps to uncover a student’s skills and potential.

Upcoming diagnostic weekend: 21.04.2018 – 22.04.2018


At the end of the process, the parents and the student receive a tailored report to be discussed at an individual meeting. The report outlines recommendations for the student’s educational path, based upon the student’s optimal learning style, needs and predispositions, as well as guidance for further development. The cost for participation in the recruitment process is 2 000 PLN.


The diagnostics process lasts for two days and is conducted over the course of a single weekend.

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Contact us

We are happy to answer questions about our school, the diagnostics process and our academic program.

+48 22 299 87 80

Maria Głowacka
Admissions Tutor

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