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Admissions 2019/2020

Admissions 2019/2020

The recruitment process is treated primarily as an opportunity for us to learn as much as possible about candidates for our school.

In accordance with the innovative design we have created for our school, we have also created a unique recruiting process unlike any other in Poland.


Entry Points

Most students will join us for the Four-Year Programme, which involves both iGCSE level and A Levels (Years 10-13).

Students may also join the school:

  • in Year 11 for the Three-Year Programme, involving pre-A Level and A Levels
  • in Year 12 for the Two-Year Programme, involving only A Levels

The stages of recruitment

During the various stages of recruitment, we aim to learn as much as possible about the skills and aptitudes of the student.


Stage 1

Parents meet individually with an admissions officer to learn more about how the school functions, the requirements of the academic programme, the school’s teaching philosophy and the later stages of the recruiting process. The decision about whether to take part in those later stages is made after this meeting with the admissions tutor.


Stage 2

The recruitment process lasts for two days and is conducted over the course of a single weekend. Our recruitment (assessment) weekends include:

  1. University lectures in English supplemented with tests to check the students’ abilities to learn and understand abstract content, analytical thinking, ability to draw conclusions, and ability to compare data.
  2. English Language competence testing. 
  3. Individual meetings with subject teachers: we check not only a student’s knowledge but also, more importantly, their predisposition.
  4. Two group tasks, in which we check soft skills and social abilities.
  5. Mathematics test.

This assessment process was created with the aim of uncovering the academic knowledge and talents held by each individual student. In doing so, we can better understand how these may be enriched, developed, and employed in propelling students along the educational pathway to which they are most suited.

This detailed, analytical entrance process was designed by us, based on our personal knowledge of and experience within the Oxbridge interview system, as well as A Level requirements and other assessment methods.

All meetings are conducted exclusively by our own teachers. We assess not only each student’s current knowledge, but also evaluate their potential across the spectrum of academic, business and artistic fields. This enables us to see each student in three dimensions, educationally speaking.

The cost of participation in the recruitment weekend is 2 000 PLN.

The upcoming recruitment weekend will be held on:

11th – 12th May 2019 
(Years 10,11,12 – iGCSE, Pre-A Level, A Level)


Stage 3

At the end of the process, the parents and the student receive a tailored report to be discussed at an individual meeting. The report outlines recommendations for the student’s educational path, based upon the student’s optimal learning style, needs and predispositions, as well as guidance for further development.

Decisions regarding admissions are based on the final report.


Contact us:
Maria Głowacka
Admissions Tutor

The recruitment weekend - February 2018

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