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The school is its own community

The mentoring system

Each student has a mentor.

Our mentors, all experienced teachers and educators, carefully observe the progress of their students, identifying potential difficulties and suggesting optimal solutions. From the outset, mentors advise students in choosing academic subjects, internships and other activities.

The mentoring system is inspired by the master-disciple relationship, one of the most effective methods of learning. Regular meetings, in which the mentor assumes the role of experienced advisor and consultant, are included in each student’s plan.

The house system

Students at Akademeia High School work in communities called houses.

The houses, modeled off of similar systems in British secondary schools, are an excellent and proven way to build a spirit of healthy competition, stimulate creativity and foster relationships between students. Students gain experience communicating in groups, run democratic elections and learn to be active and committed members of society.

The demands placed upon the student groups in the houses help them to develop a range of skills. For example, preparation for theater projects teaches teamwork and helps students gain confidence in public speaking. Charitable initiatives provide an opportunity to develop social awareness and empathy. Study trips and meetings with interesting figures arouse passions, and prove that there is more joy to be had when studies and work are coupled with commitment.

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