Art & Design contest

Results of the contest

Congratulations to all prize-winners.

Scholarships at Akademeia High School – the prize-winners list:

  • Barbara Nohr
  • Inna Bezusko
  • Mirosława Olko
  • Zofia Szewczyk

Scholarships at Akademeia High School – the reserve list:

  • Julia Kądziela
  • Magdalena Bednarczyk

Summer course at the Bartlett School of Architecture or Central Saint Martins in London: 

Barbara Nohr

Akademeia Summer School:

Zofia Szewczyk

Results of the 2nd stage of the contest 

We’d like to thank all young artists for taking part in our workshops!

Here is the list of participants, chosen by the Jury to join us for the 3rd stage of the contest:

  • Alicja Wawryn
  • Angelica Kołodziej
  • Barbara Nohr
  • Inna Bezusko
  • Ivo Tuleya
  • Joanna Wiekiera
  • Julia Kądziela
  • Julia Kotwica
  • Karolina Brauntsch
  • Lena Ogórkiewicz
  • Magda Bednarczyk
  • Martyna Chróst
  • Miroslawa Olko
  • Nicola Mazurkiewicz
  • Zofia Szewczyk
  • Zuzanna Wróbel


Results of the 1st stage of the contest

We’d like to thank all young artists for taking part in our contest!

Here is the list of participants, chosen by the Jury to join us for the 2nd stage of the contest.

  • Martyna Chróst  
  • Iwo Tuleya 
  • Maja Gozdecka
  • Maja Szcześniak
  • Maja Joniec
  • Angelika Kołodziej 
  • Maria Gil
  • Zuzanna Agata Wróbel 
  • Joanna Wiekiera 
  • Emilia Liszka
  • Martyna Piskorz 
  • Stanislaw Nojek 
  • Natalia Grzeszata 
  • Wiktoria Samulska
  • Lena Ogórkiewicz
  • Daria Adamczyk 
  • Zuzanna Duleba 
  • Maria Szewczyk
  • Paweł Niedźwiedź 
  • Mirosława Olko
  • Oliwia Kurlej 
  • Karolina Brauntsch 
  • Zuzanna Machynia 
  • Barbara Nohr 
  • Marta Michalik 
  • Julia Kotwica 
  • Olga Tomaszewska 
  • Alicja Wawryn 
  • Agata Marjańska 
  • Julia Kadziela 
  • Zofia Sawko 
  • Izabela Zalewska
  • Agnieszka Jarosz
  • Julia Stadnik
  • Natalia Paderewska
  • Julia Senator
  • Magdalena Bednarczyk
  • Nicola Mazurkiewicz
  • Małgorzata Surowiec
  • Julia Zajkowska

Congratulations! More details coming soon!

Art & Design Contest

The contest is designed for all students, aged 14-16, who want to develop their artistic skills and consider studying artistic majors in the future.

  • Art is a very important part of our curriculum
  • We aim to educate young artists – future designers, architects, creators to be. That’s why we have established the 2nd edition of the contest and will continue to renew it every year. Watch a short recap from the 2nd stage of the last year’s edition!



The scholarship includes the provision of total or partial funds to study at our school. We want our students to develop their creativity, expand their artistic horizons and at the same time learn to talk about their works and inspirations in an interesting and critical manner. Students thinking of careers in fine art, photography, design, architecture or fashion have the opportunity to develop their practice under the guidance of top experts in these fields, many of whom graduated from prestigious artistic universities in the UK.



The Bartlett School of Architecture is an internationally renowned school. Being a part of University College London (UCL), the school offers a wide spectrum of summer courses dedicated for students interested in studying architecture in the future. Learn more: The Bartlett School of Architecture

Central Saint Martins is a perfect place for future artists and designers to be. It belongs to University of Arts London and offers a very wide range of summer courses which include for example Fine Arts, Product Design, Fashion making and pattern cutting and Textiles and Materials. Learn more: Central Saint Martins



Akademeia Summer School is a summer one-week course, taking place at our school in July 2018. The character of the classes will depend on the predispositions and skills possed by the participants. The classes will concern given project or theoretical matter and will be conducted by our teachers, specialists in their fields, able to teach and pass their knowledge in an interesting and inspiring manner.




The Jury consists of the best architects, designers, and artists who work with us on everyday basis.

The 2nd stage of the contest is all about the Workshops led by the Jury. That’s the unique opportunity to work under the guidance of highly respected experts, who not only will assess your work but also will be able to share with you their knowledge, experience and passion.

  • Rygalik Studio Designer

    Gosia Rygalik

    Rygalik Studio Designer

    Gosia graduated from the Design Department at Warsaw’s Academy of Fine Arts (2010 MA). She also studied at the Danmarks Designskole and gained her first professional design experience in Copenhagen. During the studies in Warsaw she was a member of the PG13 platform – responding to experimental design briefs, exhibiting, organizing and taking part in design workshops and competitions as well as industry supported projects. Her MA studies were focused on experiencing food. The relationship between design and food is an important field of her theoretical research as well as design practice. In 2009 she joined Studio Rygalik to become a partner in 2012.

  • Rygalik Studio Architect, designer

    Tomek Rygalik

    Rygalik Studio Architect, designer

    Designer, curator, and educator with a Ph.D in Industrial Design, born in Lodz in 1976. He studied architecture at the Technical University of Lodz, and graduated in Industrial Design from the Pratt Institute (1999 BID). He then worked with design companies in the United States, consulting for international clients such as Kodak, Polaroid, MTV, PerkinElmer, Dentsply, Unilever, and Dupont. After graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2005 (MA), he joined the RCA staff as a Research Associate and established Studio Rygalik in both London and Lodz, Poland. Since 2008 he has run a design course at the Design Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He moved to Warsaw in 2009. Since 2012 he leads Studio Rygalik together with his partner, designer Gosia Rygalik. Since 2005 he has designed for companies including Moroso, Noti, Profim, Ideal Standard, Siemens, Heineken and Ikea. Since 2010 he has also been creative director for leading Polish furniture brands, including Comforty and Paged. He also works with cultural institutions, including The Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera, The Museum of the History of the Polish Jews, BOZAR, Zachęta, The Frederic Chopin Museum, The National Museum, and the Polish Culture Institute. He was the architect of the Polish Presidency of the EU Council in 2011.

  • STORE Projects Architect, artist

    Kevin Green

    STORE Projects Architect, artist

    Born in Montreal, Kevin Green graduated from MA Sculpture at the Royal College of Art having previously studied at the Bartlett School of Architecture. Green has previously worked for La Machine while working collaboratively on international competitions including winning the Front Room Gallery sculpture competition in New York and the International Prix de la Sculpture for Noilly Prat, France. He has had numerous exhibitions across London. Green co-founded London based architecture and design association; STORE. Green has been a visiting tutor at Greenwich, RCA, AA and London Met and he currently teaches at the Bartlett.

  • Medusa Group Architect

    Przemo Łukasik

    Medusa Group Architect

    Przemo studied architecture at Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice (Poland) and at Ecole d’Architecture Paris-Villemin in Paris (France).

    After graduating he worked at P.P. Pabel Architekten in Berlin,  Jean Nouvel Architecture in Paris and Odile Decq / Benoit Cornette in Paris.

    In 1997 he established, along with Lukasz Zagala, his own practice: medusagroup. In 2008 he was a visiting professor at Ecole Speciale d’Architecture in Paris (France).

    Privately he is involved in social activities in Silesia, also keen on sports he does triathlon.


  • Medusa Group Architect

    Łukasz Zagała

    Medusa Group Architect

    Łukasz studied architecture at Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice (Poland). After graduating he worked at P.P. Pabel Architekten in Berlin and Odile Decq / Benoit Cornette in Paris.

    In 1997 along with Przemo Lukasik he established his own practice: medusagroup. He has been a Professor at Silesian University of Technology at Faculty of Architecture for over 10 years. In 2005 he obtained PhD in architecture writing his thesis about “Adaptation of post-industrial objects”.

    Privately keen on alpine skiing and road biking also passionate about jazz and classical music, playing the piano himself.

  • Akademeia High School Deputy Head

    History of Art, University of Cambridge and Courtauld Institute of Art in London

    dr Karolina Watras

    Akademeia High School Deputy Head

    History of Art, University of Cambridge and Courtauld Institute of Art in London

    Dr Karolina Watras completed her A Levels at the Cheltenham Ladies’ College in the UK. She received her undergraduate degree in History of Art from Christ’s College, Cambridge. Karolina studied Gothic Architecture for a Masters at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London and subsequently returned to Cambridge to pursue her MPhil and doctoral research at Jesus College.

    Dr Watras has worked as a supervisor and Affiliated Lecturer at the University of Cambridge Department of History of Art, Acting Director of Studies at Jesus and Trinity Colleges, and course leader at the Institute of Continuing Education. She returned to Poland and joined Akademeia in 2014.

    Dr Watras’s broader interests include Surrealism, transregional exchanges between 20th century avant-gardes, artist’s books, art under totalitarian regimes, and twentieth century aesthetic theory. Dr Watras has always followed an interdisciplinary approach throughout the course of her academic studies and teaching. This has informed her work as the Head of the Humanities Department, and she strives to instil an appreciation of its importance in her students.


Step-by-step instructions


  • Provide us with your Portfolio. It has to include min. 5 works performed in any technique, on any topic. The portfolio can consist of drawings, photographies, paintings, graphic designs, multimedia projects or pictures in case of bigger projects such as 3D installations or large-scale projects.
  • Tell us something more about your works, ideas, inspirations  – describe them in English in a form of the Artistic Statement.
  • Attach a scan or a picture of your school certificate from the school year 2016/2017 and complete the form you can find below.


  • All submitted applications will be reviewed by the Jury. 40 candidates will be chosen to take part in the 2nd stage of the contest – two-days Workshops led by the Jury.


  • On the basis of the candidates’ performance during the Workshops, the Jury will select 20 candidates who will be invited for the Diagnostics Weekend.

Learn more about the Diagnostics Weekend


Important dates

10.12.2017, 23:59 – deadline for submitting applications (stage 1)

03.01.2018 – publication of the list of candidates who were chosen by the Jury to take part in the 2nd stage of the competition

13.01 – 14.01.2018 – two-days Workshops under the guidance of the Jury (2nd stage)

05.02.2018 – publication of the list of candidates who were chosen by the Jury to take part in the 3nd stage of the competition

17.02 – 18.02.2018 – the Diagnostics Weekend (3rd stage)

05.03.2018 – publication of prizewinners list


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