Art & Design Competition

Art & Design Scholarship

The Akademeia’s Art & Design Scholarship competition is open to all students who would like to develop their artistic skills and consider studying artistic majors in the future. We aim to educate young artists – those interested in the fine arts, future designers, architects, and creators-to-be.


Academic Scholarship Competition results for the school year 2021/22

Final results of the Academic and Art & Design Scholarship competitions are here! Congratulations to the candidates number:


who have been awarded scholarships to study at Akademeia High School.

Akademeia Scholarship Committee would also like to commend candidate 2020_SCH_289887 and offer a fully funded place at our English Language and Literature Summer School. We hope that it will help you develop and build towards your future achievements. Congratulations!




Should you have any questions or run into any problems, you can consult our FAQs or reach out to us directly at: 


The Terms and Conditions have been approved by the Polish Ministry of Education.





The Scholarship Programme is part of Akademeia’s mission to support the gifted and talented students who cannot take part in the standard admission procedure due to financial reasons. It includes the financial provision of total or partial funds to study at our school. The scholarships are awarded based on the candidates’ previous artistic achievements and recruitment results. Up to a fifth of our students qualify for scholarships.

The Art & Design Scholarship is designed for young people who want to develop their artistic skills and consider studying artistic majors at the most prestigious art, architecture, and design programmes around the world. 

Project-based learning and the critical development of ideas are at the heart of Akademeia’s Creative & Performing Arts curricula. Our students learn to develop their ideas conceptually through research and exploration of a wide range of media and techniques. Workshops and extended projects with leading art and design practitioners and educators, many of whom graduated from prestigious artistic universities in the UK, strengthen our students’ artistic independence and introduce them to the latest developments in the field. We want our students to develop their creativity, expand their artistic horizons and at the same time learn to talk about their works and inspirations in an interesting and critical manner.

Step-by-step instructions


  • Candidates submit their applications via an online form (including scans of the portfolio)
  • All applications are reviewed by the Scholarship Committee. A maximum of 30 students will be chosen to take part in the 2nd STAGE of the competition.


  • 1st phase of the 2nd STAGE of the competition: a 2-day workshop conducted by the representatives of the Scholarship Committee. As a part of the workshop, candidates will be given a task to complete. The task will include group work, conceptual planning, execution of the creative process, as well as a presentation of the final work. Candidates who, in the opinion of the Scholarship Committee, complete the task properly will be invited to take part in the 2nd phase of the 2nd STAGE of the competition.
  • During the 2nd phase of the 2nd STAGE of the competition, the Scholarship Admissions Weekend, candidates will sit subject tests, take part in group tasks and university lectures, and have individual meetings with our teachers and the Scholarship Committee.


About the Art & Design Scholarship Scholarship Competition results Regulations Award Instructions
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