Scholarship contest

Results of the contest

Congratulations to all prize-winners!

Scholarships at Akademeia High School – the list of prize-winners:

  • Aleksandra Murphy
  • Jakub Kowalczyk
  • Julia Lasiota
  • Oliwia Rakoczy
  • Rebeka Spalińska
  • Weronika Woińska

Scholarships at Akademeia High School – the reserve list:

  • Joanna Pietraś
  • Marianna Klimczak

Debate Chamber in London: 

Rebeka Spalińska

Akademeia Summer School:

Weronika Woińska

Results of the 1st stage of the contest

We’d like to thank all young scholars for sending us their applications!

The list of candidates chosen by the Committee to take part in the 2nd stage of the contest:

  • Aleksandra Fryncel 
  • Aleksandra Kiernozek 
  • Aleksandra Murphy
  • Bartłomiej Trzos
  • Iwo Pilecki-Silva
  • Jakub Haniewicz
  • Jakub Kowalczyk 
  • Julia Lasiota
  • Julia Plezia
  • Julia Telega 
  • Katarzyna Płudowska 
  • Klaudia Hołonowicz
  • Klaudia Urbańska
  • Marianna Klimczak 
  • Marta Pieńkosz
  • Olga Tomaszewska
  • Oliwia Rakoczy
  • Rebeka Spalińska
  • Weronika Woińska 
  • Zuzanna Kuffel
  • Zuzanna Malinowska


Get a scholarship at Akademeia High School

We invite all self-motivated, hardworking young scholars with ambition as well as students, achieving outstanding learning results to apply.



  • The provision of total or partial funds to study at our school;
  • Support with the application process towards studying abroad;
  • Support with tuition and maintenance while studying abroad (depending on academic performance during the high school years);



Debate Chamber offers a very wide range of courses on many different subjects, including arts, humanities, science & maths, law and medicine. The courses are held at the University of London, during summer holidays.

Learn more:



Akademeia Summer School is a summer one-week course, taking place at our school in July 2018. The character of the classes will depend on the predispositions and skills possed by the participants. The classes will concern given project or theoretical matter and will be conducted by our teachers, specialists in their fields, able to teach and pass their knowledge in an interesting and inspiring manner.



Step-by-step instructions


Submit the application: tell us something about yourself, your interests, hobbies and achievements. Send us a legible scan or a photograph of the school certificate from the school year 2016/2017.


All submitted applications will be reviewed by the Committee. 20 candidates will be chosen to take part in the 2nd stage of the contest – the Diagnostics Weekend.

Learn more about the Diagnostics Weekend


Important dates

05.01.2018, 23:59 – deadline for submitting applications (stage 1)

05.02.2018 – publication of the list of candidates who were chosen by the Committee to take part in the 2nd stage of the competition

17.02 – 18.02.2018 – the Diagnostics Weekend (stage 2)

05.03.2018 – publication of prizewinners list


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