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Mathematics Summer School

Our Mathematics Summer School develops students’ abilities in the subject responsible for some of civilization’s most prized achievements. Through a series of presentations, lessons and workshops with our highly skilled and enthusiastic faculty staff, participants will be equipped with practical skills in various mathematical topics. The course is open to students aged 14 – 16.

The course has been carefully designed to strike a balance between developing fundamental skills and inspiring students in dealing with problems outside of the core syllabus. As such, in addition to helping students improve in topics necessary on every level (algebraic manipulation, quadratics, elements of basic geometry, logarithms and exponentials), we will also broaden their perspectives through stimulating sessions on elements of statistics, graph theory, sequences and series.

As a result of our personalised approach to teaching, participants will work in small groups with lessons adapted to students’ individual needs and requirements, as well as the online learning platforms our teachers have become accustomed to.

With 22.5 hours of teaching, small group sizes and an individual approach, this is an intensive course, open to students aged between 14-16, which will develop participants’ skills, understanding and practical use of mathematics under the expert guidance of our teachers.

What Our Students Said about Mathematics Summer School

  • ‘I found the lessons interesting. While some of the topics were challenging to me, the teachers managed to explain it in such a way that I understood nearly everything. Overall, I’m glad I participated in the summer school as it was a great introduction to Akademeia.’
  • ‘It was a very interesting, but also challenging experience. Most of the material that we covered was new for me and at first it was a little bit hard to understand but throughout the lessons I can say that I understood and learned a lot from them.’



Paweł Chróstowski
Mathematics Teacher, Akademeia High School

Over the course of his education, Paweł successfully participated in several Mathematics competitions and Olympiads. Counting and solving puzzles always came naturally to him, and his love for them made it impossible to imagine a future unrelated to the exact sciences. Paweł has been giving private lessons in mathematics and physics ever since he started university. Sport has always been another of Paweł’s passions. During his studies at the Warsaw University of Technology, he decided to fulfil his dream and simultaneously started pedagogical studies at the Warsaw Academy of Physical Education, where he received his teaching qualifications and football coaching license, among others. This unusual combined education brought him to Akademeia, which is a place where he can incorporate both his technical and pedagogical education as a teacher of mathematics and as a mentor. Currently, Paweł is pursuing a PhD. His research interest focuses on biomechanics, in particular kinematics and the dynamics of human movement. He has not resigned from sport – he plays football in a Warsaw league team. Paweł is an expert in the field of statistics and he enjoys topics related to probability, particularly in practical contexts and their use in everyday life.


Monika Klimczak-Gromska
Senior Mathematics Teacher, Akademeia High School

Monika graduated in Mathematics from the University of Nicolaus Copernicus in Toruń where she received her MA with distinction. She then completed four years of PhD studies at the Faculty of Mathematics, specialising mainly in the field of distribution theory. As a PhD student, she published articles about the properties of kth record statistics and took part in many statistical conferences. Monika is also a postgraduate student of accounting from the Warsaw School of Economics. She is an experienced maths teacher who has been teaching across all key stages of study since 2005, including preparations for IGCSE as well as IB SL and HL Mathematics exams. Monika is also a qualified IB Examiner for marking Math SL papers. She is joining us from The British School of Warsaw, where she was Head of Mathematics for one year.


Dr Peter Kowalski
Mathematics Teacher, Akademeia High School

As an undergraduate student in Mathematics at University College London (UCL), Peter developed a passion for mathematical modelling and how mathematical models are used to explore real world phenomena. He subsequently went on to complete a PhD in the Department of Mathematics at UCL, which involved using a hierarchy of mathematical models to quantify the effect of dynamical factors, such as ocean circulation, on sea surface temperature. Since the completion of his PhD, Peter has continued to pursue his research interests at Imperial College London. His current research is aimed at discovering new mechanisms that influence the sea surface height on decadal timescales, with a view to furthering our understanding of how the climate system varies.

Prior to joining Akademeia High School Peter was teaching mathematics from GCSE to A Level in the United Kingdom. As a doctoral student at UCL he also acted as a mentor to undergraduate students and led undergraduate tutorials in applied mathematics.


Kingsley Wray
Mathematics Teacher, Akademeia High School

Kingsley Wray is an experienced mathematics teacher (all modules for A Level Maths and Further Maths) and former expert assessor for Edexcel IGCSE Mathematics. He has a long standing interest in mathematics pedagogy and has been involved in research for many years at the local and regional levels. Kingsley has Advanced Skills Practitioner and Teacher Effectiveness certifications as well as many years experience in supporting students in maximising their potential. He joins us from the Middle East where he was Head of Department and led the Mathematics Curriculum advisory team for the Aldar School’s Group. This year he completed Edexcel training for the new IGCSE 1-9 curriculum.


Should you have any question don’t hesitate to contact us. We are very keen to tell you more about the course.

Akademeia High School
Ledóchowskiej 2, Warsaw

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