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Mikołaj Mieszkalski

Economics, University College London

What does count, as this year’s biggest highlight? 

The unquestionable highlight of this year was when I finally learned how to play bridge. It took me nearly a decade, but thanks to quite frequent visits at my grandparents’ house I think, I finally know how to play it, the correct way. I am far from a Casino Royale kind of performance since my grandma remains the undisputed James Bond of the bridge, but I am slowly making my way up the family ranking.  

What are you doing now? 

I have just finished the “summer” exam session and I started my preparations for moving back to London. During my 1st year of Economics at UCL, I have spent a lot of time studying and investigating the economic and demographic effects of immigration in the UK.  

What do you miss most from your times at school? 

I miss the interesting discussions and debates I have had with my friends and teachers in the halls and especially in the canteen. I am sure that, if we met, we would have a lot to talk about.  

Choosing a degree and applying to university – if you could do it differently what would you do? 

I would relax more about the interview – it’s just a meeting with a couple of people, in which you talk about your point of view and your knowledge. It should actually excite you rather than scare you, as long as you feel comfortable with the subject.  

Recommend one book, article, movie you have read lately?  

Banerjee A., Duflo E., Good Economics for Hard Times – a comprehensive book summarising the current state of economic knowledge (both theoretical and empirical) about some of the most pressing questions of economics – immigration, international trade, future of growth, etc.  


Shtisel – an amazing Netflix series about a family of Haredi Jews living in Jerusalem. It portrays a group of people living a very different life but facing similar problems to the once of a secular society. For anyone interested in knowing something more about this mysterious fragment of Israeli world and Yiddishkeit, it will be a thrill to watch. 

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