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“God doesn’t play dice”


“God doesn’t play dice”

The fifth lecture in the series of open lectures given by our faculty will be all about Quantum Mechanics and its philosophical implications. Join us!

Thursday, 28th February 2019 at 6:30 pm
Akademeia High School, Ledóchowskiej 2, Warsaw

We associate Physics with certainty: with the mathematical precision of calculations. So it has been for many years. If there was uncertainty it was because our model was too complex, or because we could not take precise measurements.

With the advent of Quantum Mechanics however all this changed. Uncertainty became a feature of our fundamental understanding of the fabric of reality. For some, including Einstein, this was too much – hence his protestation that God does not play dice.

In this lecture we will look at the history of Quantum Mechanics and its philosophical implications for our understanding of the world. And yes, to satisfy the curious: a cat will also feature in the lecture.

The lecture will be given by Marcin Szala (Physics & Philosophy, University of Oxford), Deputy Head at Akademeia High School.

Marcin is a teacher, tutor, and educational consultant. He focuses on organizational leadership, especially in the context of education, government, and tutoring. He has management experience in corporate and academic settings, having directed a network of schools (School EEO). He has collaborated in the implementation of many tutorial programmes in Poland and conducted training for tutors in Poland and abroad. He is the co-author of a book on tutoring and has written articles for trade magazines. Ślązak of choice, loving husband and father. A big fan of Shakespeare and good jazz.

The event is open to our students, their families and friends, our faculty and staff. If you’re interested in joining us but you don’t attend our school, please send an e-mail at office@akademeia.edu.pl

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