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Rohan Tryc-Bromley and the 30.past.89 project


Rohan Tryc-Bromley and the 30.past.89 project

This summer, Rohan Tryc-Bromley, our Year 12th student to be, is taking part in the international 30.past.89 project. He sent us word about this initiative and a few photos.

30.past.89 is a trinational theatre project featuring 18 young people from Poland, Germany, and Russia. It is also a platform for intergenerational dialogue, a contemporary take on the lessons that came with the massive change seen in 1989, 30 years after the fall of communism. During the three meetings in Warsaw, Moscow and Berlin the group, with the help of an arrangement of talents from the world of theatre (in particular director Uta Plate and dramaturg Birgit Lengers), will create a performance that will be performed in Berlin, Moscow, and Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. The premiere will take place in October 2019, at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin. The performance will be a unique project and the product of youthful experimentation as well as research conducted into the effects of ’89 through family testimony and interviews with the times’ most influential figures.

The 30.past.89 project is supported by the Polish-German “Jugendwerk” Youth Office.

Rohan’s reflections on 30.past.89:

With regard to the project, what I am most grateful for is how much it has broadened my horizons, opened my mind. Historical figures have imparted upon me advice and perspective that have got me to rethink assumptions in my life and circumstance. Also, I had never expected to meet such a unique group of peers, each with wonderful character and interesting backgrounds, ambitions. The project’s underscoring of national similarities and differences had me noticing this previously brushed off dynamic among the group, and also made me rethink what my cultural identity means and is.”

The 30.past.89 photo gallery

Credit for the photographs goes to Charlotte E. Grief.

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