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Science Talks Seminar: Brain – your powerful tool


Science Talks Seminar: Brain – your powerful tool

Our school hosted Dr María Banqueri Lopez who delivered an interactive presentation about the human brain and its powerful capabilities. Participants learned about neurons, connections between them, and how the brain controls different body functions.
If you want to know how our students benefitted from the lecture, please read through their testimonials.
During the lecture, I gained insight about what a career in neuroscience. We tested our memory and understood why it is easier to remember sequences from beginning to end rather than the other way round. Moreover, I was able to explore my knowledge in auditory and visual illusions and understand why these trick our brains in the way they do. The speaker presented these topics in an interesting manner that automatically provoked many questions.”
~ Victoria (Y11)
It was a great lecture, and I learned a lot of surprising facts e.g. blind people being able to sense the obstacles in their path depends on which area of the eye or the brain responsible for sight has been damaged.”
~ Piotr (Y9)
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