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Science Talks Seminar: Cancer – a disease of our cells


Science Talks Seminar: Cancer – a disease of our cells

On Feb 24th, Dr Katarzyna Leszczyńska was our guest speaker in the “Science Talks” seminar series. She presented about cancer and how it affects our cells.

Dr Leszczyńska explained the molecular mechanisms responsible for mutations and the progression of different cancer stages. She also described how hypoxia – oxygen deficiency, can affect cells and therapy effectiveness.

The audience received a comprehensive summary of the processes responsible for cancer formation and available treatment options. Also, Dr Leszczyńska was eager to share her experience from studying in the United Kingdom, as she graduated with her PhD from the University of Birmingham in Biomedical Sciences and further pursued research at the University of Oxford.

Students’ testimonials:

The lecture was extremely interesting! I was able to learn so many new information about the field I’m genuinely interested in! Very often it might be exhausting to search the information in the articles throughout the internet, and this lecture was a perfect opportunity to ask the questions and get the answer faster!

~ Liubou

The lecture covered numerous topics regarding cancer, cancer treatment and different symptoms and cases. The content was balanced between very generalized and, on the contrary, very detailed information regarding hypoxia. It is extraordinary and encouraging to learn that concepts for cancer treatment come to life after serious talks and experiments as well as simple ideas that turn out to be really effective. I suppose the lesson started a very interesting thought process for many students. Dr Leszczyńska introduced the way cancerous cells work and travel through the body and very complex treatments. After the lecture, I jumped into all the books I had at home and different scientific articles concerning cancer stem cells, hypoxia and numerous cancer treatments. I guess that was the goal, but I am once again mesmerized by how beautiful learning can be and how frustrating a lack of knowledge can get.


Cancer - a disease of our cells

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