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Science Talks Seminar: Develop a superpower – physics of scuba diving


Science Talks Seminar: Develop a superpower – physics of scuba diving

On Feb 10th, our guest at the Science Talks seminar was Mr Sebastian Dobrowolski, who presented about the physics of scuba diving. Mr Dobrowolski is a co-founder of the International Diving Federation and an instructor for recreation, technical, and cave diving.

He showed our participants the beauty of the underwater world, which accounts for roughly 70% of Earth’s surface. Exploring this world is not possible without appropriate diving equipment, which allows to breathe underwater.

Mr Dobrowolski explained the law of gas solubility in water, water pressure acting on human body and how to calculate the time of a single dive based on the target depth. The audience learnt about the history of diving, different diving techniques and how to use breathing apparatus. This was an amazing journey to a completely new – underwater world!

Student testimonial

The webinar with Mr Dobrowolski was truly insightful, I found out such compelling knowledge. It was extraordinary to see how the breathing systems evolved for diving and how much it has progressed. I learned what hydrostatic pressure is, which is the pressure exerted by a fluid at equilibrium at a given point within the fluid, due to the force of gravity and I also learned about Boyle-Mariotte’s law, the isothermal process and gas exchange in lung alveoli. It was enlightening, I also loved all the beautiful underwater videos, it made me wish I could go diving now in the ravishing places he showed us. I was never that interested in diving and now it is all I am thinking about doing. It was wonderful to attend.

~ Apolonia

Develop a superpower - physics of scuba diving

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