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Science Talks Seminar: How methane affects the climate change


Science Talks Seminar: How methane affects the climate change

On March 10th, Dr Semra Bakkaloglu from Sustainable Gas Institute at Imperial College London, UK presented about methane’s impact on climate change during our “Science Talks” seminar series.

She explained that methane is the most potent of all greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which include also carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and fluorinated gases. In order to trace the origin of atmospheric methane, and therefore to identify the source of the leak, scientists and engineers can use isotopic characterization and measurements.

What may come as a suprise, most methane emissions in tropical areas come from natural processes occurring in wetlands, while in Europe the majority of methane comes from agriculture, especially cow breading. Other anthropogenic sources of methane include wastewater treatment plants, oil extraction sites, biogas plants, and landfills. Dr Bakkaloglu also shared her experience studying in both the UK and the US.

Students’ testimonials:

In the lecture with Dr Semra Bakkaloglu, we covered a very challenging and crucial matter. The class was on the topic of methane and how it affects our planet, environment, global warming. What was the most satisfying during the lecture was that Dr Semra presented the content very clearly. Moreover, all of the questions brought by our curiosity, she answered with pleasure. She even answered them when we still didn’t know we had them! I learned many interesting facts about how methane can influence climate. If you yet don’t comprehend the topic of methane dangers, I highly recommend researching this issue, as it is very educating. Finally, Dr Semra definitely interested me (and concerned me) in the topic of greenhouse gases problems.

~ Barbara

The science talk with Dr Semra Bakkaloglu outlined an astounding field of climate research without missing details of the immersive world of fieldwork. I enjoyed how the greenhouse effect became one of these scientific concepts which on one hand brings in me feelings of responsibility, but on the other sparks a true light of motivation to dive deep into the natural world. The insights into biomethane research with such a profound societal impact made the experience worth it. 

~ Robert

How methane affects the climate change

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