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Social Sciences Summer School

Mobile Worlds: Migration as a key challenge of our times. The Social Sciences Summer School takes students on a one-week interdisciplinary journey into the diverse world of human migration. Participants will have the opportunity to experience a hands-on analysis of the specific challenges faced by migrants, for example as a result of war or climate change, or as economic and women migrants, who all for one reason or another lead their lives on the move. The course is open to students aged 15 – 18.

Through a series of e-lectures, panel discussions, webinars, and workshops you will have the chance to learn how to build grassroots campaigns, understand contemporary academic debate, conduct research, and implement your newly developed understanding in your own analysis of emerging issues.

Conducted from the perspective of a wide range of subjects including Politics, Geography, Sociology and Economics, this is the perfect opportunity for talented all-rounders to explore one of the contemporary world’s most pressing issues!

The course is open to students aged 15-18 and participants will benefit from 22.5 hours of tuition in the week.

What Our Students Said about Social Sciences Summer School

  • ‘I feel like everything was organised very smoothly and deliberately, the schedule was demanding but at the same time rewarding, the classes were eye-opening and very interesting for me.’
  • ‘Interesting, inspiring, fun.’


Dr Alfredo Barillari
History Teacher, Akademeia High School

Alfredo graduated in International Relations from the University of Naples “L’Orientale”, where he has also achieved a master’s degree in European Studies. In 2017, he obtained a PhD in Gender and Women’s History at the same university, conducting research in Florence and Rome. The topic of his PhD thesis was “Patterns of Masculinity in a Changing Society: Idols of Italian Cinema in 1955 – 1963”. During four years of doctoral studies, Alfredo chaired seminars and presented the results of his work at international conferences in both France (University of Rouen) and Spain (University of Madrid, UAM). He was also a member of the organizing committee for the “Gender & Crisis in History” international conference (Procida, 2015). He has been socially active for years, starting from when he was a student through to this day – Alfredo is one of the founders of the social movement “LiberaMente”, active in his city (Serra San Bruno). He has lived in Finland, Mexico, and Hungary (he studied as an Erasmus student in Budapest) among others, and has been living in Warsaw since January 2018.  He considers the opportunity to pass on knowledge a privilege, and it is a true passion of his.


Jan Globisz
Economics Teacher, Akademeia High School

Jan loves to share his passion for economics. His academic interests are energy economics and comparative efficiency studies. During his time at university, Jan had the opportunity to gain unique professional experience in IT, banking, public affairs, and marketing. Cinema and theatre enthusiast. Science-fiction literature geek. Jan enjoys doing sports, especially running, swimming, and martial arts.


Monika Koblak
Sociology and Critical Thinking Teacher, Akademeia High School

Monika Koblak is an experienced English and theory of knowledge teacher. Apart from teaching, she cooperates with non-governmental organisations concerned with science and education. Monika has organised numerous interdisciplinary workshops for both teachers and students. These have been devoted to citizen science, the scientific method, open science and education, free and open licences, rules of editing Wikipedia articles, and dismantling fake news.


Katarzyna Krzanik
Sociology, Critical Thinking, and French Teacher, Akademeia High School

Katarzyna is a teacher of Sociology, Critical Thinking, and French. After graduating from French high school in Kraków, she pursued her education in Switzerland at the University of Lausanne, where she completed her undergraduate degree in Political Science, Sociology, and History. She also completed a one-semester exchange at the Galatasaray University in Istanbul.
Katarzyna continued her graduate education at the University Paris VIII in France (Master of Research in Political Science), where she followed an interdisciplinary curriculum including subjects such as: gender studies, post-colonial studies, as well as nationalism and nation-building studies. Passionate about the sociology of image, Katarzyna completed two dissertations focused on the evolution of political iconography and the process of visual identity-building in ex-Yugoslavia.


Marcin Stanek
Geography Teacher, Akademeia High School

After graduating from the United World College of the American West in New Mexico, Marcin pursued an integrated Masters in Geography at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. During his studies, he developed a strong passion for teaching. He pursued the latter as a Geography teacher at the International School of Geneva in Switzerland. His fascination for experiential education lead Marcin to design unique curricula to be taught in places as diverse as the Guatemalan Pacific Coast, Iceland, and Israel. He has consolidated his interest in new ways of teaching through a PhD programme in Geography at Durham University. At the core of his doctoral research is an ethnographic study of the Andean educational philosophy, as practised in prestigious schools in Bolivian cities. He is currently analysing his findings in order to draw conclusions applicable to wider debates on Sustainable Development Goals and specifically the quality of education in the majority world. Marcin moved to Poland in 2019 to take up the position of Geography teacher at Akademeia and further develop his student-centred, research-evidenced and future-oriented approach to teaching.


Kinga Stańczuk
Politics Teacher, Akademeia High School

Kinga Stańczuk is a politics teacher and intellectual historian. She completed her studies at the University of London, graduating with a BA in French Studies (QMUL) and an MA in Intellectual History and Political Thought (UCL). She also completed a year at the Sorbonne IV University in Paris and a scholarship at Kings College, Cambridge, where she worked on her dissertation on the philosophy of education. She worked as a trade-union and political campaigner in both the UK and Poland, cooperating with a number of NGOs and non-profit organisations.


Should you have any question don’t hesitate to contact us. We are very keen to tell you more about the course.

Akademeia High School
Ledóchowskiej 2, Warsaw

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