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School year 2020/21
Summer School
In the event national Covid-19 restrictions mean the courses cannot be run on school premises, we will offer a full refund of the course fees.

AHS organises Summer School courses open to both our own and external students. Our 2021 courses will run from 28th June to 2nd July

These courses are devised, developed and delivered by our highly experienced teaching staff and cover a wide range of disciplines and faculties across the school. In common with our year-round operations, the summer programmes are informed by our teaching philosophy and overriding mission to help each student reach their full potential and achieve academic excellence.

PLN 2500 per course, including two Covid tests, lunch each day, and all lessons and activities.

Each course runs for 22.5 hours each week and includes a range of co-curricular and sports activities led by our own faculty of teachers.

Participants may combine all courses with a Modern Languages elective in French or Spanish (PLN 500 for 8 periods of 40 minutes).

PLN 750 – On request, full board and accommodation may be provided in our boarding facilities for those participants who require it (5 nights).  The price includes transport to and from the school each day.  For more information, please contact summer.school@akademeia.edu.pl.


The Summer School is an intellectually stimulating and fun taste of academic life at Akademeia. It is ideal for students who are keen to experience what it’s like to study here for the first time, as well as for our current students looking to engage in inspiring materials away from the core syllabus.
Andrew James, Summer School Coordinator


Andrew James
BA (Hons.) Philosophy, University of Liverpool
Cambridge English CELTA
Cambridge English DELTA

In addition to teaching English for Academic Purposes, Andrew is responsible for Akademeia’s Summer School.  Having last been responsible for setting up the short courses department of a well-established UK independent school he was previously the UK manager of a large international summer camp provider based out of Switzerland. English language teaching has been Andrew’s primary focus since leaving university, a career which has taken him to Poland, France and Portugal, working most recently for the British Council. Outside of school and family life, Andrew is keen on politics, philosophy and a wide range of sports, especially golf and cricket.


Daily Timetable

09.00 to 10.35 – Lessons
10.35 to 10.50 – Break
10.50 to 12.25 – Lessons
12.40 to 13.20 – Sports/Activities*
13.20 to 14.00 – Lunch
14.00 to 15.35 – Lessons
15.45 to 17.10 – Modern Languages Elective

*Sports/activies: Capture the Flag, Badminton, Team Games, Active Strech, AHS Mini Olympics, Football, Volleyball, Table Tennis


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Our courses (12-17)

Our courses allow students to experience Akademeia’s unique approach to learning. By focussing on a specific subject matter, students will gain an appreciation of the chosen field and learn some of the core skills required to succeed in their future areas of interest.

Participants may combine all courses with a Modern Languages elective in French or Spanish.

English Language and Literature (14-16)

Minimum English language level B1+
Target age range: 14-16
28th June to 2nd July

Come forth into the light of things,
Let Nature be your teacher.

– William Wordsworth

Join us this summer for an immersive English Language summer school programme that will lead you on a journey of intellectual discovery ‘into the light of natural things’, as we follow Wordsworth’s call to explore nature through text and creativity. Our unique curriculum will enable students to improve their written and oral proficiency of English through the study of both literary fiction and non-fiction, poetry, visual culture, and ecology. Using the theme of nature as our starting point, students will have the opportunity to work on core academic skills such as notetaking, textual analysis, and essay writing, whilst also exploring their talents for imaginative writing and creative expression.

All participants will be supported in their learning throughout the course by members of the Akademeia faculty whose expertise will nurture the intellectual curiosity and independent thinking of each individual. Thanks to the outstanding level of teaching they will receive during the summer school, students are sure to gain new confidence in their use of a range of English skills, whilst flourishing intellectually.

Prior to enrolment, participants will be asked to complete a short piece of sample writing on a topic relating to our overarching theme of nature. 

English For Academic Purposes (12-14)

Minimum English language level B1
Target age range: 12-14
28th June to 2nd July

The English for Academic Purposes Summer School is an exclusively designed course for students aged between 12-14, ideal for those who wish to experience Akademeia’s first-class teaching standards for the first time and help prepare themselves for a rewarding academic career.

The carefully devised syllabus has two overriding priorities:


  • To provide students with a genuine taste of what it’s like to study at Akademeia; we achieve this by focusing productive content on key academic skills.
  • To address the most common language and structural mistakes our students’ make upon entrance to the school, in order to enable participants to excel in their future studies.

Key elements of the English language will also provide students with the foundations necessary to successfully complete many of the same academic assignments required of our term-time students. This course provides the essential preparation for all students considering joining our school.

Prior to enrolment, participants will be asked to complete a short piece of sample writing or invited to a brief talk with a member of the English Department.

Foundation Year Boot Camp (12-14) - SOLD OUT

Minimum English language level A2/B1
Target age range: 12-14
28th June to 2nd July

How will the next generation of learners face the challenges of an ever-changing, unstable world? Our Foundation Year Boot Camp introduces students to the wide range of faculties available at our school as well as the power of the multidisciplinary approach to education we value. Providing an experience removed from the typical ‘standardised education’ model, this programme will help nurture life skills and individual growth through student-led investigations in a collaborative, open workspace.

Tailored for dynamic learners between the ages of 12 and 14, the AHS Boot Camp creates opportunities to explore the potential of our bodies, societies and the natural world in an integrated and holistic way. The programme views each academic discipline as a toolbox that can be drawn upon to provide multidisciplinary solutions to real-world problems. Learners will be tasked to solve a problem of their choosing, from practical everyday issues to helping answer more ambitious global challenges, leading their own investigations with the full support of the resources and faculty of the many disciplines represented at Akademeia. This programme is an excellent introduction to the exceptional learning ecosystem provided by our school.

Participants will asked confirm they have an intermediate level of English prior to enrolment, minimum A2/B1 level. The main requirement to enter the course is a curious and creative nature, as well the drive to realise your potential. Target age range – 12-14

Mathematics (14-17)

Target age range: 14-17
28th June to 2nd July

Our Mathematics Summer School develops students’ abilities in the subject responsible for some of civilization’s most prized achievements. Learning from our highly skilled and enthusiastic faculty staff, participants will be equipped with practical skills in a wide range of mathematical topics.

The course has been carefully designed to strike a balance between further developing fundamental skills within the A Level syllabus we teach at Akademeia, while at the same time touching on the approach of other systems. With 22.5 hours of teaching, small group sizes and an individual approach, this is an intensive course ideal for all students studying mathematics at an advanced level within schools who would benefit from gaining a head start, as well as for high-achieving younger students keen to get the most out of their potential in the subject.

Natural Sciences (14-17)

Target age range: 14-17
28th June to 2nd July

The one-week Natural Sciences course exposes students to a contemporary range of practical areas from across these distinct, but fundamentally interlinked, areas of science.

By learning from each discipline in turn, students will have the opportunity to broaden their understanding of each subject while developing practical skills. The first half of the week will be led by our Biology and Chemistry teachers and will include the extraction of essential oils with accompanying biochemistry, synthesis of soaps, and dissection of pork and bovine organs among others. Our Physics faculty will then build on this focus by introducing the science of frequencies, including resonance of oscillating masses as well as an introduction to error analysis applied in the practicals performed. Data logging equipment from UK based Data Harvest company will be utilised during these practicals, the same used in most practical-based curricula including the iGCSE and A Level qualifications we teach at Akademeia.

Open to students between the ages of 14 and 17, the Natural Sciences Summer School will leave participants will a new set of skills by working with a combination of biologists, physicists and chemists who each have something unique they wish to share.

Modern Languages Elective

PLN 500 for 8 periods of 40 minutes. 

Participants in our Summer School will have the opportunity to combine their core course with a Modern Languages add-on.  These will run in small groups at intermediate level in the following languages: French and Spanish. Lessons will take place on Monday to Thursday from 15:45-17:10 and are the perfect opportunity to experience Akademeia’s holistic approach to learning foreign languages.

The seminar type format of the lessons will help instil in participants a love of learning the language itself, as well as an appreciation of the new perspectives developing fluency can provide.  The classes aim to introduce students to how we view language instruction and leave them with tips and strategies to develop their skills independently in the future.

Open to all students participating on another Summer School course. Minimum A2 level in preferred language.


Contact us

Should you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us. We are very keen to tell you more about the Summer School courses.

Andrew James, Summer School Coordinator


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