Short Summer Course
Drama Workshops

“Play In A Week” Drama Workshops

What is Play In A Week? It’s a chance for you to challenge yourself. Challenge your creativity. Challenge your expectations. Challenge your collaboration. Challenge your nerves. Will you accept the challenge?

If you take the challenge then you’ll experience four days of intense rehearsals, involving workshops, scene work, fight choreography, and a range of other skills for you to take away and use on other projects. There are big parts and small parts, and the whole play will have a sense of ensemble which will make it an experience to remember forever.

Working with a professional director and teacher from London, England, we’ll start work on Monday morning and have a full, polished performance ready by Friday night. Lights, sound, set, costume and everything.

This course is designed for students aged 14-18.

Course objectives:

  • team building
  • rehearsal techniques
  • improvisation and performance preparation
  • ensemble scenes
  • character development
  • in-depth exploration of character
  • action and how to block for performance
  • technical design
  • lighting plot
  • sound design
  • costume and performance preparation


Hugh Edwardsa passionate and experienced teacher, bringing a wealth of professional industry experience to his work facilitating Drama and Theatre Studies within secondary education. As well as full-time classroom experience, he has also produced both full-scale and studio productions within schools, and workshops, shows and events for educational and professional markets.

Hugh Edwards currently runs the co-curricular aspects of Drama at Reigate Grammar School, which is the leading co-educational independent school in Surrey and amongst the top twenty best schools in England by results. The school produces between five and ten productions each year, ranging from shows which tour the local community, to small-scale studio productions, to musicals and plays with casts in excess of 100. They tour to festivals and competitions, and provide an atmosphere which mirrors that of the profession, regularly leading to our students successfully auditioning for drama schools, and some for West End productions and films during their time at the school.

He is a member of the National Independent School’s Drama Association. Hugh obtained a first class honours degree for his undergraduate studies, and was the recipient of the Lisa Pratt-Young Award for outstanding teaching practice for his teacher training. Hugh is a grade eight baritone, and has sung with choirs and ensembles, including madrigals, barbershop, massed choirs and musicals. He also has grade eight trumpet, and has enjoyed playing recreationally with a jazz ensemble, as well as playing for various touring and outdoor Shakespeare shows as an actor/musician.

Hugh is a regular participant in the London Improvisation community, and has trained in long-form Improvisation with Monkey Toast in London and at the iO (Improv Olympic) in Chicago. He performs with three groups currently and also lead confidence building Improvisation workshops.

Practical details

Date 09.07 – 13.07.2018
Price 1499 zł
Age range 14 to 18 years
Class size maximum 16 students
Language of instruction English
Length of course 5 days
Tuition 5 hours per day for 4 days and live performance on the last day
Hours 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Alimentation lunch, snacks, drinks
Location Akademeia High School
Ledóchowskiej 2

Regulations and an agreement template

Read the regulations

See an agreement template


9:00 – 10:30 workshops
10:30 – 10:40 break
10:40 – 12:10 workshops
12:10 – 12:40 lunch
12:40 – 13:40 workshops
13:40 – 13:50 break
13:50 – 17:00 workshops
the time of breaks may change

Booking form

In order to book a place, please fill in the form below. After submitting your application, please pay for the course via transfer within 48 hours.  If the payment is not made within a certain time, the booking will be canceled.

Transfer title: Summer School – Drama – student’s first and last name

Bank transfer details:
Akademeia High School
Ledóchowskiej 2
02-972 Warsaw
Account number: 97 1050 1025 1000 0090 8033 7026

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Akademeia High School
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Marta Szabucka
+48 (22) 299 87 97

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Akademeia High School
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