Public lecture
Abstraction in science and art
Maciej Lewenstein
A distinguished Polish scholar, one of the most frequently quoted physicists in the world
Maciej Lewenstein
A distinguished Polish scholar, one of the most frequently quoted physicists in the world

“Abstraction in science and art: from quantum simulators to free improvisation in jazz”

Join us for the public lecture: Saturday, February 24th at 4 p.m. at Akademeia High School, ul. Ledóchowskiej 2, Warsaw.

During the lecture, the speaker will present the notion of abstraction, the way it is understood and used in science and art. He will discuss the formal concept of math-based abstraction and explain the notion of modelling in physics as a process of abstraction from detail to essence.

The speaker will present examples, ranging from a simple pendulum to quantum simulators. Next, he will discuss the subject of abstraction in visual arts: from realism to impressionism, cubism, abstractionism and, finally, abstract expressionism.

With fragments of works, the speaker will illustrate contemporary trends in music, using the example of jazz: from harmonious swing to modal jazz, free jazz, finishing on total improvisation.

Maciej Lewenstein

Professor of physics and a true global citizen.

ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences

Professor of physics and a true global citizen. Lewenstein is a distinguished Polish scholar, one of the most frequently quoted physicists in the world. His achievements and international academic career make him a figure that may well serve as a model for modern Polish science.

He received numerous prestigious awards, among others, the Polish “Nobel” prize – an award presented by the Foundation for Polish Science (Nagrody Fundacji na rzecz Nauki Polskiej). A member of Polish Academy of Sciences abroad.

Since 2005 he has been living and working in Barcelona. The physicist is fascinated by jazz music. Together with Tomasz Stańko, he created “Projekt Barcelona”, a Polish and Spanish artistic project with jazz, poetry and science in the background. He is the author of an excellent book titled “Polish Jazz Recordings and Beyond” dedicated to Polish jazz, intended to popularize authors of Polish jazz music worldwide.



Maciej Lewenstein’s book is a very important contribution to the history of jazz in Poland. This is a very detailed and profound volume that comes as a great aid to charting all of the most important  Polish jazz recordings. I know of no other book of such kind and thus it is a definite must-read for both professionals and jazz enthusiasts – in Poland and beyond.
Tomasz Stańko

“There is no other book already published on the subject, certainly nothing of such scope or including such detailed information. Although several books about Polish Jazz have been published in the last decade, none of them concentrate on Jazz recordings and they are mostly concerned with biographical and historical aspects of Polish Jazz. Therefore Mr. Lewenstein’s book is in fact an ideal companion to those books already published.”
Adam Baruch



4 p.m. – 5 p.m. 
Abstraction in science and art:
From quantum simulators to free improvisation in jazz
Maciej Lewenstein

5 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Improvised music concert:
Jerzy Mazzoll (clarinets) & Sebastian Mac (guitar)

Jerzy Mazzoll – bass clarinet virtuoso, drawing deeply from the tradition of Polish improvisers and composers of contemporary music of mid 20th century. He was one of the originators of a so called “yass” revolution in Polish jazz, however, he departed from this stream, creating the idea of Arhythmic perfection and he started dealing with the European aspect of improvisation in art. The long list of Mazzoll’s collaborators (among others, Derek Bailey, Django Bates, Peter Brötzmann and Kazik Staszewski) was recently extended with new ones: Skalpel duo, Marcin Dymiter, Jerzy Przeździecki and Micromelancolie. The last Mazzoll’s project is MazzSacre and album + released in Spring 2015.

Sebastian Mac – a guitarist and a producer, who creates in the trend of experimental music, mainly electroacoustic and improvised music. An author of film and theatre music. He has worked, among others, with Jerzy Mazzoll, Zdzisław Piernik, Mikołaj Pałosz, Paulina Owczarek, Tomek Chołoniewski, Rafał Mazur, Krakow Improvisers Orchestra, Krzysztof Cybulski, Robert Knuth, Trever Hagen, Jan Bernad, Dorota Porowska, Jewgienij Korniag, Paweł Miśkiewicz.

5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m.
You are invited for healthy and tasty refreshments


Participation in the event is free of charge.

Online Registration closed. Please check our upcoming events.


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