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Short Summer Courses
Summer Schools

Creative and Dramatic Writing Summer School

This is an exciting opportunity for students who want to develop their creative writing skills.

Led by teachers with extensive experience of writing fiction, drama and poetry, developing scripts for stage and screen, and producing theatre. If you are interested in pursuing creative degrees such as film and drama, or simply love to write, this is an excellent way to start your summer!



Mathematics Summer School

Akademeia High School invites you to our Mathematics Summer School.

Through a series of presentations, lessons and workshops with our experienced and enthusiastic teachers you will be equipped with practical skills in various mathematical topics.



Biochemistry Summer School

The Natural Sciences Department of Akademeia High School is excited to offer this unique, one-week course in Biochemistry.

During this week you will awaken your senses, particularly your sense of smell, as you will extract essential oils from fruits, such as oranges, and plants, such as lavender. Essential oils have amazing scents and are found in soaps, cosmetics and have even found use in alternative medicines.



Social Sciences Summer School

Are you interested in Politics, Economics, Sociology and Psychology and enjoy taking on new challenges?

If the answer is yes, this interdisciplinary summer school in social sciences is an ideal opportunity to go beyond your school curricula and explore one of the contemporary world’s most pressing issues: human migration



Medicine Summer School

Through a combination of theory and practice, this course offers a fundamental introduction to the manifold aspects of becoming a professional MD.

You will learn practical aspects of the medical profession such as stitching, doctor to patient relationship, first aid, and an array of laboratory techniques used in diagnostic procedures and drug testing, including gel electrophoresis, molecule immobilisation and many others.



English for Academic Purposes Summer School

English for Academic Purposes Akademeia High School Summer School is an exclusively designed, intensive two-week course for students aged between 14-17.

Students will be involved in meaningful academic tasks such as lectures, seminar discussions and group projects that address current issues from academic perspectives.



3D Printing & Robotics Summer School

Join us for this short summer course to turn ideas into objects.

Topics to be covered include electronics and introduction to Arduino IDE; building a 3D printed robot and programming, basics of C++ language, and creating new robotic constructions.


Creative and Dramatic Writing Summer School Mathematics Summer School Biochemistry Summer School Social Sciences Summer School Medicine Summer School English for Academic Purposes Summer School 3D Printing & Robotics Summer School
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