Akademeia Virtual Open Day on Saturday, October 16th at 10:00am. All invited. Registration required. 


In his influential study, Imagined Communities, Benedict Anderson recognized the printing industry as a powerful and unique space for a community to observe its shared experiences. Even in growing but still small communities like ours, we don’t have the opportunity to meet each member face to face and learn about all the details that ultimately shape us as a whole.

Our hope is that The Akademeia Post can become a mirror of our school in which each reader will find their reflection and, consequently, a sense of greater belonging. Our reporters have been actively observing and writing about some of the most formative recent events at Akademeia. You will find here interviews, opinion pieces, sports commentary – all within our goal to stay time-sensitive and reflective of the most relevant ‘corridor chats.’

Read and belong!

Chief Editor,
Sonia Blank

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