Academic Enrichment Programme

Academic Enrichment Programme

The Akademeia High School Academic Enrichment Programme is a bespoke preparatory programme for further high school study.

It offers a multidimensional preparation for iGCSES, Pre-A and A Level courses and provides students with an invaluable head start on their high school studies.

Devised, developed, and delivered by our highly experienced and expert staff, this one-year course covers the full range of academic skills and areas of knowledge. It is informed by our teaching philosophy and our mission to help each student reach their full potential and achieve academic excellence.

The international ethos of our high school is embedded in both the methodology and content of the core syllabi and co-curricular activities.

Course overview 

The programme offers a unique combination of breadth and depth.

Each of the course components addresses key academic skills while stimulating students’ knowledge and understanding of methods specific to each subject area. Students learn to analyse texts, develop research skills, and present conclusions and results verbally and in written form.

Very small class sizes (5 – 8 students) allow for enhanced academic performance through individually-focused and a collaborative learning environment. Classes take place in the afternoons, throughout the week, in our state-of-the-art, purpose-designed building with modern facilities. The curriculum is supplemented by regular weekend workshops and special events.

The Academic Enrichment Programme is designed for students aged 13-15 (Years 9-10 in the British system; American grades 8-9).

The programme runs for the full academic year: September to June.

Core Curriculum

Each component is taught through one 1.5h weekly class over 33 weeks.

Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking skills are key to academic success. Effective communication, problem solving and the ability to analyse, evaluate, and interpret facts and concepts in an intellectually rigorous and sustained manner inform the core content of this course.

Essay Writing
Following current affairs and global developments students learn to present their ideas and structure their arguments, learning discursive language and essential essay writing techniques. The course encourages a self-reflective approach to writing through both individual and collaborative tasks.

This course examines the latest discoveries and events in the scientific world. A balance of theory and experimentation is at the core of the curriculum. By exploring fascinating phenomena students expand their interests and deepen their understanding of the natural world while developing scientific skills.

Arts & Humanities
The course follows an interdisciplinary approach with each class dedicated to a single work of literature, art, or music. Individual case studies provide a springboard for further understanding of the broader historical and cultural contexts within which specific works were created. This in-depth and focused study allows for development of analytical methods and the ability to synthesise cultural knowledge and understanding through a range of disciplines.

Individually tailored classes

English Language
Depending on a student’s language skills we can provide an intense course of English with one of our experienced teachers. Lessons are designed to address the individual student’s needs and maximise the effectiveness of their language acquisition.

Subject of choice
In order to allow for individual growth and development each student can choose from a broad range of subjects to pursue individually with one of our expert teachers.

Co-curricular Enrichment Programme

On top of the core curriculum, students participate in a school-based workshop or external event.

The programme expands on the academic curriculum and introduces students to areas of study led by Akademeia teachers and external experts.


16 000 PLN per term (there are three terms in each academic year)

The fees are inclusive of:

  • 4 x 1.5 clock hour a week of group classes of the core curriculum
  • Reports on students’ progress and mentor’s supervision
  • Co-curricular Enrichment Programme

Individual lessons are subject to additional fees, invoiced per hour based on our standard pricelist.

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