Summer School

AHS organises Summer School courses open to both our own and external students. Our 2023 courses will run from 24-28 June.  

These courses are devised, developed and delivered by our highly experienced teaching staff and cover a wide range of disciplines and faculties across the school. In common with our year-round operations, the summer programs are informed by our teaching philosophy and overriding mission to help each student reach their full potential and achieve academic excellence in their chosen field.


2023 Summer Schools

PLN 3150 per course, including lunch each day and all lessons and activities. Each course runs for 20 hours each week and is supplemented by a range of co-curricular and sports activities led by our own faculty of teachers.  

Students are required to have a minimum B1 level of English according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) in order to participate on the courses successfully.  


The Summer School is an intellectually stimulating and fun taste of academic life at Akademeia. It is ideal for students who are keen to experience what it’s like to study here for the first time.
Andrew James, Director of Admissions and Summer School Coordinator

What Our Students Said (2022 Summer School) 

“I learned a lot, got to know the teachers, met numerous new people and overall had a great week.”

 “It was just perfect.”

 “A wonderfully stimulating and intellectually enriching experience, and a lovely way to round off the year!”

 “I truly enjoyed it. It was fun and inspiring I also met a lot of amazing people and learned a lot of things. Overall, I think this was the best course I have ever participated in.” 

Daily Timetable

Saturday 24th June to Tuesday 27th June  

09.00 to 10.35 – Lessons
10.35 to 10.50 – Break
10.50 to 11.50 – Lessons
12.00 to 13.20 – Sports/Activities*
13.20 to 14.00 – Lunch
14.00 to 15.35 – Lessons

Wednesday 28th June 

09.00 to 10.35 – Lessons
10.35 to 10.50 – Break
10.50 to 11.50 – Lessons
11.50 to 12.20 – Break
12.20 to 13.50 – Leaving Presentations
13.50 to 15.00 – Barbeque and Games 

*Sports/activities: Capture the Flag, Badminton, Team Games, Active Stretch, AHS Mini Olympics, Football, Volleyball, Table Tennis 


To sign up for the Summer School 2023, please fill out the form.

Should you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about the Summer School courses. 

Akademeia High School Summer School 

Our courses (12-17)

Our courses allow students to experience Akademeia’s unique approach to learning. By focussing on a specific subject matter, students will gain an appreciation of the chosen field and learn some of the core skills required to succeed in their future areas of interest.

Participants may combine all courses with a Modern Languages elective in French or Spanish.

English, Creativity and Performance

Speech has power. Words do not fade. What starts out as a sound, ends in a deed.” – Abraham Joshua Heschel.  

Join us this summer for our interdisciplinary summer school program that will develop learners’ writing skills through textual interaction and creative collaboration, building towards a final performance element. 

Our innovative curriculum will initially expose students to a range of stimulating text types, focussing on how writers are able to communicate their ideas through features such as plot formulation, character and dialogue construction, and tension building.  From there, students will have the opportunity to produce and perform their own pieces of imaginative writing with the expert support and guidance of our English and Creative Arts educators.   

Thanks to the outstanding level of teaching they will receive during the summer school, students are sure to gain new confidence in their use of a range of English skills whilst flourishing intellectually.  Through an increased understanding of how both written and non-linguistic forms of creative expression work in harmony, students will leave this summer school course feeling more confident in their writing abilities and more appreciative of the power of the written and spoken word to convey their thoughts and ideas.    

Target age range: 12-14 

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

Science, Math and Engineering can give you the exhilarating power to become not mere spectators or consumers, but the active explorers, makers and doers who will help invent the future.  - Dr Susan Hockfield 

Inspired by Hockfield’s words, Akademeia’s inaugural STEM summer school course will introduce learners to the power of the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), in order to start our students on a journey to becoming the doers of tomorrow’s world. Both mathematics and science never work in isolation and, by taking the solar system as our focus point, we will ensure participants are equipped with both the mathematical tools and practical contexts to help develop their understanding of our universe.  

In the words of Roger Bacon: ‘Mathematics is a door and key to the Sciences’. We will therefore start by equipping students with the necessary mathematical concepts and analytical tools to unlock the practical focus on our course. With this achieved, our science educators will take our learners on a journey across our universe as they learn about the fascinating dimensions and phenomena in the solar system.  

Our STEM summer school course will provide students with new and interesting math concepts, data analysing, modelling, 3D printing, group work, presentation skills, and a lot of fun!  

Target age range: 13-16 

Contact us

Should you have any questions or you wish to reserve a place, please contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about the Summer School courses. 

+ 48 22 299 87 80

+48 538 052 454

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