Akademeia Scholarship Competitions
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Akademeia High School’s extensive scholarship programme aims to support talented students from both Poland and abroad for whom the cost of full school fees would be prohibitive. Scholarship places are available to Year 10 and 12 entry to the school.

Our scholarship cohort makes up around 10% of the entire student body and is designed to help ensure Akademeia is both a diverse community and a place where the brightest and best can develop their academic and personal skills to fulfil their potential.  Our previous graduate scholars have typically gone on to study at some of the world’s most prestigious universities.  There are two types of scholarship offered currently by Akademeia: academic and art scholarships.

All scholarship awards are merit-based, reserved for those with an outstanding track record of academic achievement and who will also best reflect the values and ethos of the school. The committee will award places based on both the candidates’ previous results and their performance in the assessment procedures.  The exact proportion of fees covered by the scholarship will depend on family income, and as a result reductions range from 5% to full scholarship (100%).  All scholarships are retained until the student leaves the school subject to the achievement of good academic results.

What our scholars have to say about their school experience?

We asked some of our scholars, both  among current students as well as alumni, what they thought about  Akademeia High School. This is what they had to say:


“My most memorable experience was my very first day in Akademeia. I remember being shocked by the school facilities, but most importantly – by the new people I have met. All of them were motivated to work and open for new possibilities. What also impressed me was the diversity, but at the same time unity of the entire Akademeia community. For now, it’s very hard to determine, what I will be doing in 10 years. I hope it will be something related to astronomy, engineering, or mathematics since that’s what I enjoy doing. One thing is for sure – thanks to this scholarship opportunity, I will be able to pursue both academic and career dreams and achieve my greatest goals.”


“Akademeia is my chance. A chance to study abroad and to delve into my interests aside from academics. To me it is an inspiring community of passionate teachers and mentors eager to stir my curiosity, encourage self-discovery as well as strengthen my internal motivation for development. In here, I can express myself through singing and performing with the school band and cast in various musicals, putting together shows for the rest of the school to enjoy.”


“I think choosing this school is so far the best decision I have made in my life. Akademeia now means everything to me, it became my second home as I am spending all the time around my colleagues both at school and at the boarding house. I am taught and mentored by the best teachers who have been guiding and helping me throughout the year. My life goal is to work at an EU institution in the law department and to secure that the international law is obeyed and respected. I think the scholarship is the key to succeeding,  not just from the purely academic point of view, but also because of the way that this school is helping me widening my knowledge and achieve my goals.”


“I am still figuring out what my main interests are and what I want to study at the university. But I know that because of being able to study in Akademeia I will be supported throughout the whole process of applying to any college that I choose to pursue my dream career. Because of my recent internship at Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, I could experience the research and lab work and I can easily see myself in this career, so maybe it is something for me to think about and consider when deciding my future.”


“This scholarship is the greatest opportunity in my life so far. In primary school I would have never believed that I will attend a high school with such passionate people, both amongst students and teachers, and that it will give me a real chance to apply to the best universities in the world. The scholarship makes it possible for me. In 10 years, I will finish college and be amongst the greatest engineers out there. I do not know what exactly I will be creating, but preferably spacecraft, autonomous systems, or even better, beginnings of proper space infrastructure.”

Voices of our Alumni Scholars

Małgorzata,  Class of 2019, currently studying Mathematics at the  University of Cambridge:

“Being able to concentrate on mathematics and physics in Akademeia was very helpful in my development. However, not having to study social sciences and humanities according to a strict syllabus, but instead being offered opportunities to discover them in a much more independent way helped me to grow as a person. For me, a very important part of my experience were people I met – other students and teachers, some of whom I still keep in contact with. I hope that future scholars will also contribute to and benefit from this atmosphere. Studying at Akademeia helped me with the gradual transition between teacher-led learning and one based more on individual work. Akademeia developed my ability to learn and think in English which makes studying abroad much easier.”

Tomasz, Class of  2019, currently studying Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge:

“Akademeia scholarship allowed me to study subjects I loved in a totally different way than I had learned before. Firstly, I was able to extend my knowledge in those subjects in English which has proved to be crucial at university.  Additionally, I was able to develop my passions beyond just the school curriculum. The teachers were always eager to stay after classes to answer any extra questions or go outside of the curriculum to fulfil our educational thirst. I have fond memories of my time in Akademeia, and I genuinely believe that the scholarship has helped me reach the place I am at now.”

Miriam, studying Illustration at the Parsons School of Design in New York:

“My favorite things about Akademeia are definitely the community that it created. Aside from the students, the teachers I had were also amazing people who changed my life for the better, and taught me not only in their subjects but also taught me important life lessons and really made me feel cared for and heard. Akademeia taught me the importance of consistently working on myself. This prepared me for not only keeping up with the workload at university but also made me much more aware of the time and opportunities I’ve worked for.”

Scholarship Competition for 2023/2024

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for a scholarship, candidates must demonstrate a proven track record of academic excellence.  As a rule, this means candidates would typically be required to have obtained a minimum average grade of 4.5 (out of 5) in the last completed school year if within the Polish system, or a comparable grade in non-Polish systems.

How to Apply

Candidates should first complete our Application Form, in which the following information will be required:

  • A full educational history, including dates of attendance.
  • Current subjects being studied and name of qualifications these lead to.
  • Languages spoken by candidate, and to which level.
  • Any academic awards the candidate has received, or competitions participated in.
  • The candidate’s academic profile, including main interests and strengths.
  • A declaration of the scholarship amount being applied for, based on the boundaries contained in Section 8 of the Terms and Conditions: https://akademeia.edu.pl/app/uploads/2022/02/Terms_Scholarships_AHS_2020_ENG.pdf

In additional, all candidates are required to write two supporting essays to their application, which will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee.

Candidates to Art Scholarships are also required to support their application with a portfolio of work to be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee.

The timeline of the 2023 scholarship competition is as follows:

16 January – 20 March 2023   –  Stage 1: Submission of online applications

17 April 2023 – Results of Stage 1 annouced, finalists invited to Stage 2

27-28 May 2023 – Stage 2: Recruitment Weekend for Scholarship Candidates in Akademeia High School

14 June 2023  –  Results of the competition announced

Scholarship programme Scholarship Competition for 2023/2024
  • We support young capable scholars
  • Tell us about your outstanding learning results, your accomplishments in competitions organized by boards of education and science Olympiads, or any other successes from within both academic and non-academic fields (visual art, music, etc.).

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